METHODS - Basic strokes 2 (video)

Hane (Hook) :
This stroke is made by taking the brush and lifting up at a slight angle to the left or right depending on the shape of the letter.

Harai (Sweep) :
This stroke is made curving to the left or right and slightly fading out toward the bottom. To make this stroke, slowly release pressure on the brush at the end of the letter so that the stroke gradually becomes thin.

Kasure (Dry brush) :
This stroke is used to give strokes life and strength, to make a dynamic and impressive appearance. 

Bokashi (Shading):
Bokashi stroke makes diffrent shades of ink to make depths and perspective in the image.

Nijimi (Blurr) :
Bokashi stroke makes blurr effects by the amount of water and ink.

Ten (Point):
By using tip of the brush to make pointy shapes.

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