Contemporary Bespoke Calligraphy

Every calligraphy is unique.
Each calligraphy will be customized and uniquely designed for your needs such as:

Logo design
Title design
Package design
Mural/Wall design
Interior design
Name Writing
Kakejiku scroll design (Japanese style scrolls)
Set design for Film/TV, Theaters

- Formats -
Each work is available in the following formats:

Kakejiku Scroll
The original or printed calligraphy or image can be mounted on the scroll. The scrolls size varies.

Washi paper
The original calligraphy or image will be drawn directly on the high quality Japanese Washi paper.

Shikishi boards
The original calligraphy or image will be drawn directly on the boards made with high-quality Japanese Washi paper
laminated to a hardboard paper with a gold frame around the edge.

Digital format
Custom Calligraphy design in digital format is offered for any designs
including logos, graphic designs, or other needs.

- Order process -
Clients can order commissions for custom calligraphy
for either non-exclusive, exclusive use, or a work for hire agreement.

Initial process
Disucss your plan and initial design samples will be made for review.

2nd process
After the first round of selections, the review process will be continued for
up to 2 further revisions before the final design is selected.

Final process
Finalizing the design - it is expected to be finished within your schedule.

- Clients -
Louis Vuitton
and Private clients

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