With over 6 years experience, my Japanese Shodo Calligraphy lessons, workshops and events are designed to learn the basis of Japanese calligraphy, the essence of the art and philosophy as well as creating a piece of calligraphy work (held in English). My approach to teaching focusses on 

• Experiential
• Hands-on
• Holistic

Shodo calligraphy is more than writing beautifully and it possesses in a philosophical sense. The process of calligraphy is an integral part of the practice. Through my teaching experiences in Europe and Japan, I have developed an original method and process for teaching calligraphy. My lessons are created to introduce the world of calligraphy and to share my craft with others as part of my practice as a calligrapher. As a guide rather than a teacher, I wish to inspire others to explore the art form. Thought the practice, I equally value individuals’ needs and development.

All my programs are designed especially for international enthusiasts in Japanese art and philosophy. Everyone is unique and different so I approach the practice step by step with a bespoke syllabus. The syllabus is tailored to individual needs, interests, or skills and provides the most suitable content for the individual’s development through various exercises.

The content is combined with the formal and the expressive style of calligraphy. Besides learning basic skills and knowledge about calligraphy, one will develop the skills to apply them to daily life circumstances in an individual way.

[ The format of lesson ]

Start with a short meditation
To set your mind to focus practice through breathing as a warm up.

To talk about a topic of the day with background histories.

Exercise 1
To do warm up exercise

Exercise 2
To work on the topic of the day


[ Samples ]

Basic strokes 1 Basic strokes 2 (video) Basic Sumie Effects

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