Module course sample

The Module course has 3 levels
(1:1 or 2-3 persons per course)

All modules come with

Customized syllabus
4 Sessions per module

With 3 take-home excercises
plus Feedback will be provided between the sessions.

Level.1 (Novice)

This course includes:
Hiragana - x2  - 46 base alphabets
Katakana - x2 - 46 base alphabets
10 Basic Kanji

* Prerequisite : Introductory course

Level.2 (Intermediate 1)

This course includes:
10 Advanced kanji
Kanji and hiragana combination 
Intro to semi cursive (sosho)
Writing short poems

* Prerequisite : Level.1 module

Level.3 (Intermediate 2)

This course covers :
Kanji and hiragana combination 
Writing short poems in Japanese and language of your choice 
Intro to cursive (gyosho)
Intro to Oracle scripting types

* Prerequisite : Level.2 module

At the end of the module, you will get:

An original rank certificate
Custom-made seal stamp

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