Scattered - Chi ri nu ru o
from Iroha poem

Pillow word series

Calligraphic drawings with different pillow words - each rhetorical word made up 5-6 syllables in old Japanese poetry, written in one line of hiragana letters with one line, one brush stroke. Feeling the word as a motif and dancing with the letters with fluid movement.

sumi ink on washi paper

25 x 35 cm

Mountain Cherry - Ya ma sa ku ra
from Waka poem #66

Color of the flower
from Waka poem #9

Heavenly - Hi sa ka ta no
from Waka poem #33

For you - Ki mi ga ta me
from Waka poem #15

From the ancient time
from Waka poem #61

On a mountain sloap - Ashi bi ki no
from Waka poem #3

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