Fuwa Fuwa - Fluffy

Onomatopoeia series

There is a large inventory of Onomatopoeia, symbolic sound, and mimetic word expressions in Japan - the collection of poetic sound visualization in spoken words.

Each piece is my calligraphic expression of the selected Onomatopoeia word written in hiragana letters, a free form of Japanese Shodo calligraphy.

Shito Shito - Drizzling

Noro Noro - Slowly

Toro Toro - dozing

Hira Hira - flapping

Yura Yura - swinging

Doki Doki - heart beating

Sun Sun - shining

Hoka Hoka - warmly

Niko Niko - smiling

Uki Uki - cheerfully

Soro Soro - quietly

Chira Chira -flashing

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