Fuwa Fuwa Sara Sara
(Fluffy & Smoothly)

Onomatopoeia series 2

A calligraphy series with Japanese Onomatopoeia, mimetic sound words written in Hiragana letters.

Sumi ink on Washi paper

20 × 20 cm (orignal)

Hira Hira

Noro Noro Yura Yura
(Slowly and Swinging)

Shito Shito Sara Sara
(Drizzling and Smoothly)

Yura Yura Toku Toku
(Swinging & Pouring)

Noshi Noshi Shito Shito
(Heavily and Gently)

Toro Toro Yura Yura
(Slowly and Swinging)

Kuru Kuru Tro Toro
(Curing & Dozing)

Fuwa Fuwa Sara sara
(Fluffy & Smoothly)

Doki Doki Hara Hara
(Hear beating & exciting)

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